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Taking care of your trees is one of the most satisfying jobs for a homeowner if you do it right. Some homeowners find this to be a challenging task particularly because there is too much to remember especially as the seasons change and the needs and requirements for trees also shift.


Tree Trimming

Winter is the perfect time to give your trees a trim. This is because trees are dormant at this time, which allows them to heal faster. Winter also prevents exposure to diseases and insects and stimulates growth.



Water will keep your tree hydrated. In spring, shrubs and trees push out for new growth. In order for new growth, they need to be adequately hydrated. Regular watering will also flush them and remove excess rock salts and ice melts.


Pest Control

The warm weather of spring brings with it new insects, pests, and diseases that can cause damage to the trees and other plants. You can invest in a high-quality pest control spray and keep an eye out for these pesky creatures.

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Jorge is very responsive, polite and professional. Highly recommend!

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